Renovating your house can seem like climbing Mount Everest, where do you start? What issues will you have? And when you are finished will it be worth the work? Firstly, I would say that any one deciding to take on this task would first need to recognise who the renovation is for. Ask yourself if it’s for the house you want to live in or is it for future selling? This will help you distinguish what you need for you house in terms of appeal. If renovations Central Coast is simply for yourself and your family, then go nuts with what you want but be aware that what you want might not be what the market wants. If you are renovating as part of an investment than my first bit of advice is to budget. Before even thinking about profit, you need to know how much it will all cost you. Be prepared to go over budget as 90% of renovations see unexpected costs, some even resulting in losses. The market for buying in Australia has never been higher, but since the government slashed the incentive for buying a ‘second hand house’, means that more first time buyers, even buyers in general are looking to build. 

Rental properties in my opinion is where the money is, take Perth for example, for ever three people looking to rent there is only one property available, meaning that demand for rentals has never been higher and is continuing to grow. For first time renovators my advice is to always start with the kitchen, as it is the heart and soul of the house. This area can make or break a potential sale. A good kitchen can cost an arm and a leg, however many companies offer easy financial options with a low monthly interest and even a cheap kitchen installation can change a house dramatically. You can also haggle a price for a company to remove your kitchen as well as provide a skip bin.

When picking a theme for your house, make sure you use the same one throughout to give your home a flowing vibe that transcends throughout. A great pallet to use is mushroom grey with a secondary splash of green. This has been extremely popular this year as it takes away from the stark white and adds the green to allow the outdoors to subtly flow through. Mushroom is also popular with reds, oranges and light blues. Use whatever pallet suits you but remember to keep the walls, floors and ceilings generally neutral, staying far away from anything too busy that might put off potential buyers because even if you don’t plan to sell straight away, when you do you will want to spent as little as possible, so keep a keen eye out for discount coupons.