These are dwellings that have the best amenities of a family home like a single unit as well as those of a condominium. People are often confused as to what features to expect in a row home. There might be features that seem common in many other home categories, but there is one feature that is distinct in a row home; this being that such homes come attached to adjacent houses.

Shared features of condos

Condos usually come attached to other units as well due to which one might find such units similar to row houses or townhouses. However, when a house or home is being purchased, the land upon which the house is constructed is usually included with the home. For that reason, townhouse builders in Melbourne would price such construction higher than a condo. However row houses come in varying dimensions. They might be triplex or duplexes and could be part of a larger complex with shared amenities. Accordingly, the prices of such properties differ.


Green spaces offered

When you invest in a townhouse or row house you are guaranteed a bit of yard or green space. You might be given facilities such as maintenance services which are common in the complex or area of your home which is a part of. Again, the backyard area or the front lawn space that is provided to allow such homeowners to plant garden or other kinds of usage like a patio area in such spaces. Many modern builders even give landscaping options for such spaces.

The kind of lifestyle offered

With a row house or a townhouse, you can expect a certain style of living or lifestyle. For instance, many such homes have amenities like having a tennis court or a swimming pool in their own backyard. Many larger complexes include maintenance services and other facilities that help such home owners to get the work done and maintain their homes to use such amenities as they want. These homes have proximity to other families who are next door. Such homes are perfect for families with children who can look forward to a secure and homely environment as well as owners who enjoy the thought of having their own home on a piece of land that they own. These are some of the advantages of investing in such homes, which guarantee a certain style of life as well.

If you are looking to invest in such a property, you could do so by looking up prospective and upcoming properties in your area. Many people even consider projects overseas for future investments. No matter what is your aim, ensure that you check on the reputation of the builder before investing in their project.