Blocked drains are always an issue and they have to be fixed at the initial stage to eradicate them. The early symptoms would be unpleasant smell or slow movement in the kitchen sink. And it could cause great inconvenience if they are not fixed at the earliest. Usually, kitchen sinks and bathroom are the places where these issues happen and there could be symptoms like the one discussed below that would give us an idea on causes of drain.

Trees and Leaves: Always ensure that the leaves and other remains of the tree are all cleaned properly to ensure that they do not get dropped in the drains. Usually, leaves become wet and the roots of the trees get clogged in the drain easily.

Greases: These are common causes of blocked drains and they get stuck inside the pipes. It is difficult to remove them. They would block the pipe completely disrupting the flow of water. Usually, it would need a professional help to clean and remove them. Call a reputed plumbing service to get rid of the issue.

Broken Pipes: These pipes tend to break down due to wear and tear and it would block the flow of water and these are sometimes difficult to trace. Usually, it is best to consult professional plumber Canberra who can diagnose the issue fix it at the earliest. This also could be a reason of bad installation also, as the slope helps the water flow and avoid blockages.

Hairs: One of the most common causes that could happen is due to hair strand that gets accumulated. Usually, hair and soap foams form a paste and it clogs down the drain, initially blocking the force of the water and the later flow of water is also stopped.

Storms and Rains: Waste particles, debris and leaves would cause further damage and they would have to be cleaned immediately to prevent further damage.

Toilets: People usually throw nappies and other plastic-content related products in the toilets which would block the total flow of water. These plastics and other products absorb huge amount of water and they are almost impossible to remove unless septic tanks are cleaned fully by a professional service which requires spending considerable amount of money for drain cleaning Canberra.

To summarize, it is always advisable to have a proper installation of the pipes and also have a regular check on what gets deposited in the drains so that these kinds of issues can be prevented in the future.