Concrete flooring is becoming a more popular option when choosing which type of flooring you would like, probably because technology has moved on so much that you can get very pleasing results with a slab of concrete. You can get coloured aggregate mixed in with the concrete so that one the slab is poured and has gone off, the slab can be polished back so that the colours shine through and once the sealant has been applied you will have a very lovely looking floor.

The only thing you have to be wary of, is not having the floor too shiny or slippery, otherwise there will be accidents. No matter how many times you tell kids not to run in the house they will do so and with a slippery concrete floor there are bound to be blood noses and perhaps knocked out teeth, it is not a surface that can be comfortably fallen on. Not that many flooring surfaces are but carpet for instance in much nicer to take a tumble on than concrete and all you may end up with is a bruise and perhaps some carpet burn, concrete on the other hands lends itself to all sorts of serious injuries, sprains and breaks.

It is however easier to clean, bit of a mop and you are done, just put up warning signs when you are done, otherwise this will be the occasion when people decide they wish to tear around the house in their jocks and a hairbrush doing a Tom Cruise impression, landing on their asses and bruising their tailbones. Visit this page for further information regarding foundation repair.

It costs about the sameas having other flooring put in, after all you are just treating the surface of the slab you already have in place and do not have to buy tiles, lino or carpet to cover the floor, all of which can cost huge amounts of cash depending on what you are buying. Then you have to have the tiles laid and the carpet installed, getting the concrete crack repair Christchurch can save you time and money in the end and you may be able to move in that little bit earlier. 

This is for a new house of course, you can get your existing house done, rip up all the flooring exposing the concrete below and having it done, there are a few tests you will have to go through first, just to make sure your concrete is in the right condition to get done, if there is too much or not enough moisture in the slab then this can cause problems with the durability of the work done and the tradesmen will have to take that into account. It may be that you are stuck with flooring other than a concrete one you wanted, don’t be too despondent, better to have a floor that works than having one that needs to be constantly redone and end up costing you heaps of cash all the time, with bubbles appearing and cracks in the surface sealant.